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Homelessness in Pasco County

Pasco County, Florida, is facing an increased homeless population. Homelessness is largely due to the housing crisis in Florida and the lack of affordable, stable housing. Homeless individuals often face challenges accessing health care, work, food, and resources necessary to survive. In addition, many individuals experiencing homelessness struggle with situational poverty, mental illness, substance use, or co-occurring disorders. Individuals experiencing homelessness may be at greater risk for illness, injury, death due to living outdoors without access to regular health care, and the dangers of the street.

In Pasco County, Pre-Covid an estimated 2,668 individuals were homeless each year.We are dealing with an increased number of homeless individuals, families, and social security recipients. This increase can be attributed to Covid, lack of affordable housing, mental health, inflation, and our opiate crisis.This represents a significant public health concern affecting our citizens in distress and the entire community. Addressing public advocacy, affordable housing, and mental health are some of the most critical steps that can be taken to address this growing problem.

Our inability to relate to homelessness is our biggest obstacle to ending it. The first step in fighting homelessness is getting informed so that we can break down the stereotypes that divide us.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are a mobile team with an office at the Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County.

Visit online at Pasco County Continuum of Care and click the resource tab.

First, get with a designated access point with the Coordinated Entry and be put on the by name list.

It is a list of all of our Pasco County citizens experiencing homelessness. It is a triage list, per se. When there is an opportunity for assistance, the worst are offered aid first.

Yes, you can call and schedule an appointment at 727-378-4833 or see us at Sunday Lunches 11am to 1pm at Beill and Hay Attorneys, 12300 US 19, Hudson, FL 34667.

Coordinated Entry is a HUD (Housing and Urban Development) process, organized in partnership with the Pisco County Continuum of Care, to ensure that all people experiencing a housing crisis have fair and equal access and are quickly identified, assessed, referred, and connected to housing assistance based on their strengths and needs. Through our Coordinated Entry system, individuals and families are quickly assessed and prioritized for housing. However, households accessing Coordinated Entry are not guaranteed a referral to housing or supportive services.

Unfortunately, Pasco County has limited resources. If you are not on the list, someone new to homelessness may get the assistance then. It would behoove anyone homeless to be on the by name list. No, it's not a guarantee for anything. It is a chance, which is better odds than none. The list is fluid and changes often

You need to update your situation every six months if you are still homeless and keep your contact info up to date, through a designated access point.

No we do not. We bring food when available during outreach. We have a free lunch every Sunday at BeIll and Hay Attorneys, 12300 US-19, Hudson, FL 34667 from 11am to 1pm.



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I spent 3 years on the streets until The Sword and Spin helped me into housing. I’ve now been off the streets for over 2 years. I have no idea where I’d be without their assistance and guidance throughout all of it. God put them in my path for a purpose and I”m eternally grateful!

Heather Rivera

I talked to a lot of folks with good intentions, but not much happened and I felt forgotten. The Sword and Spoon came through for me. Did what they said they would do. Even came to my camp to hook me up!


The Sword and Spoon was a Godsend. They got me into housing and I have someone who believes in me. I have permanent housing and employment now.

Jeffrey Hughes

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